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Beautiful Succulent Living Green Walls

10% off standard pricing on orders confirmed before Jul 31 2019

Our unique succulent green wall program will have your green wall up and running in days.

From simple, 2' x 4' walls to dramatic 50' x 20' walls, the GrowUp Succulent program will meet all your needs.

We work with California's leading succulent growers to ensure best prices, great quality and super healthy plants.


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Kushner Wall

The GrowUp Succulent Solution

More than a living wall system

The GrowUp Succulent Solution includes:

  • Design and consultation services
  • The leading modular green wall system
  • Plants transplanted into our pots and delivered to your job site* 

All of this at a price that won't be beaten.

Do you need Installation Services?

We can arrange these for you through our list of registered and certified installers

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