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GrowUp Greenwall Academy

Become a Living Wall Pro

The GrowUp Greenwall Academy is designed for entrepreneurs and plant and design professionals that intend making Living Walls an integral part of their business.

If this is you, see more details below to book your greenwall training.

Choose between on-site, hands on training OR the remote learning track to earn accreditation as a greenwall installer.

A greenwall inside an office space with lighting on it. A small table and two chairs sit in front of it

All day intensive - NOT AVAILABLE DUE TO COVID

On-site in San Diego

This is an intensive, all day class with a max of 6 attendees, designed to be highly interactive and discussion based.

The course starts at 9:00 and ends at 16:00.

A typical agenda includes:
- GrowUp Installation training
- GrowUp Maintenance and Trouble Shooting
- GrowUp Project Planning
- GrowUp Pricing
- Sales and marketing

A greenwall inside the brewery, Belching Beaver.

Remote Learning

Hands on and Video

Video conferencing is combined with practical exercises to deliver a highly effective and interactive learning experience

The full course includes 4 sessions, each between 1 and 2 hours duration
- Hands on installation as well as design choices and considerations
- Sales, pricing, project planning
- Marketing, sales planning and development of a sales plan

To get hands on training you will need to order a demo system that you will build during the training.


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